1001 Emerson
731 Lincoln
1 Fort Mason
ACME Chophouse
Environmental Home Center
Los Altos Hills
Menlo Park Office
Mijita Tacqueria
Park Avenue, NY
Sandra Slater Environments
The Green Guide

This two-bedroom, 2-bath 1,000 square foot, house was designed by SSE and completely renovated by DMC/D, employing green building techniques. Given the small size of the house, the kitchen, dining and living room were combined into one open space.

The interior design integrated some old components of the existing home with more contemporary designs. The old windows, doors and floors were retained while the interior space was expanded with a more contemporary style. Skylights were added to flood the long corridor and main room with cheerful light.

Unusual color combinations unify the house and offer a warm, comfortable space with a distinct masculine feel. The green program, also focusing on the integration of the old and new, made extensive use of recycled materials in insulation, wood, and concrete.