1001 Emerson
731 Lincoln
1 Fort Mason
ACME Chophouse
Environmental Home Center
Los Altos Hills
Menlo Park Office
Mijita Tacqueria
Park Avenue, NY
Sandra Slater Environments
The Green Guide

More photos of this project can be seen at www.drewmaran.com.

Originally designed in the 1970s by AIA award-winning architect, Joe Esherick, this 4,300 square foot home was completely updated and renovated by a team that was led by Sandra Slater and included Joe Esherick, DMC/D and Cheng Design. The renovated house was featured in numerous publications and won several national awards.

The renovation took maximum advantage of natural light, opened much of the space and created a luxurious and serene ambience. The spacious and tranquil setting was reflected in an extraordinary water feature that became the centerpiece for the home.

All natural materials were used to enhance the natural beauty of the setting.